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Help us help YOU

We VALUE you

The graphic you see here shows the values of Challenging Learning.  As a member of the Challenging Learning team, I find myself in a position to apply these values as our team seek input from educators about what they need and how we can support them as we design for the audience and not ourselves.  We are careful to not assume, as we confirm and understand the context so that we can design relevant and helpful offerings.  At a time when the educators that we work with are caught up in the minutia of policies and codes, we can be the gentle reminder to keep calm and make it part of the plan

The challenge has been that the educators we talk to are often so overwhelmed and anxious about their current reality that they struggle to articulate what they need now and definitely cannot find the head space to think about what they will need down the road.  Recently, Martin Renton shared during a training a perspective that he heard from leaders in a school in London.  He shared that they are being mindful of not adding more food to the already full plates of their educators but instead providing them with the utensils, the knife and fork per se, to begin consuming what is already on their plates.  I absolutely love this analogy and I believe it can help all of us to sharpen our vision for next steps.

This is where YOU come in

Keeping this perspective in mind, we are asking you to think about the tools you need to help you consume the MANY things that are currently sitting on your plate. Would it help you to have a network to chat with?  Would you feel supported by a book study to better understand the new strategies you are trying to implement?  Would ready-made lesson plans that you can use to embed the attitudes and skills needed to improve student learning be helpful?  Are you a leader who could use long term coaching and support to see how your vision can be realized with the current challenges?  Are you a part of a school poised for culture change, but just need ongoing guidance and support to make it happen?

Our team has the knowledge, passion and desire to build offerings that will help you now and in the future.  What we want to know, however, is what that looks like for you and your team.  We are not looking for any commitments or contracts, just your thoughts and ideas.  Please consider sharing your expertise and ideas to help us help you.