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Times have changed, our dedication hasn’t…

Professional learning helps us to help our students. That’s it – that’s the (main) purpose. Of course, some PD helps us look after ourselves; other interventions help us collaborate more effectively. In the end though, for those of us in education, it’s ultimately about the students. How’s that for placing students at the centre of everything?

Of course, the world is somewhat different now compared to a couple of years ago. But then so are we – and so are our students! We’ve all had to take a lot of our work online – and here at the Learning Pit, we’ve done the same. We’ve continued to support, encourage and guide the educators we work with but rather than do so through our usual mix of demonstration lessons, learning walks, keynotes, and workshops – we’re offering a mix of online and in-person options. We’ve heard the struggles and not left the sides of those who have sailed the turbulent waves of uncertainty. Together, we are making sense of the ‘new normal’ world we now live in.

Having the Learning Pit as a part of your growth and improvement journey is not a ‘one size fits all’ affair. We’re teachers, leaders, and parents – same as you: real people, professional people, and empathic towards all schools’ needs. We’re here to encourage and inspire you so as to inspire the future generations being guided by your hands, allowing them to think independently, not being afraid of making good mistakes, collaborating together, embracing challenge, and having the confidence to question in order to achieve progression.

As an educator or leader you have had to adapt very suddenly in the last couple of years to a situation we could never have predicted, and it has brought difficult times. We have had to do the same! It has allowed us to have more clarity, be more creative, and expand our offerings on a global scale. We are now reaching more people with our professional learning options, books, lesson plans, online resources, and the Learning Pit itself, which has now been translated into several languages with more to come!

We want to help you create sustainable, long-term changes, and continue to be proud of being an educator. We’ve picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off, and we’re now more than ready to help pick you up too. The question is – how can we now help you re-build your future for you, your staff teams, and your students? We’d love to be a part of your journey.

Planning & delivering so you don’t have to

We’re ready to plan, produce, and deliver in the manner that suits YOU and your team. One thing we have learned in the last 18 months is that the sudden switch to learning online has not been easy! So much focus has had to be spent on how to teach our students with minimal disruption to their progression, that educators have had to sacrifice their own.

Understandably as we emerge back into a face-to-face world, many are desperate to soak in an atmosphere of being with people, collaborating and sharing ideas in room together. We’re already on it! We have staff in six countries and in-person delivery has begun in earnest with renewed vigour.

We also know that this is not the case for everyone yet. The great thing about turning our professional development options virtual is that we can still deliver high quality support, and reach so many more educators! Webinars, online workshops, commissioned videos, keynotes, learning hubs, PD on demand (coming soon), and team/individual coaching are but scratching the surface of what we offer.

You can build a journey with us that is in-person, online, or a blend of both that suits your context in the short or long term. Our aim is to help you succeed in your aims.

We speak to educators and school leaders on a daily basis who are hopeful, enthusiastic, and determined to get their teeth back into professional development for reassurance, confidence, and well-being. Reach out to us – we want to know your journey, and we’ll join in on your progression!