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Pre-Orders for TEACH Brilliantly

Deliveries in January 2024

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Jan ’24 Delivery

The latest & most comprehensive book by James Nottingham

Highlights include how to:
  • Boost engagement
  • Provide optimum challenge
  • Ensure students use feedback brilliantly
  • Lift expectations
  • Ensure all students make excellent progress
  • Make confident use of empirical data

Order Now for Jan ’24 Delivery

The latest & most comprehensive book by James Nottingham

Highlights include how to:

  • Boost engagement

  • Provide optimum challenge

  • Ensure students use feedback brilliantly

  • Lift expectations

  • Ensure all students make excellent progress

  • Make confident use of empirical data

Greetings from the Scottish Borders!

I’m delighted to say I’ve got a new book coming out very soon. The first review is in and as you can see, I’m not the only one to think this is my best work to date.

So, if you plan to focus on excellent teaching next year, then I humbly suggest this book would be the perfect companion!

The book will retail at USD 43.95 per book. However, I am delighted to say that I can claim an author discount on all bulk pre-orders placed before the manuscript goes to the printers in late November.

If you would like to take advantage of these discounts, then please complete the form below at your earliest convenience. This will generate an invoice to be paid before the end of November. To secure the discount, orders should be placed and paid for by 24 November 2023.

Discount on pre-orders

  • 10-24 copies: 20% discount
  • 25-39 copies: 30% discount
  • 40+ copies: 40% discount

Shipping will be charged at cost price and billed in January 2024.

Best wishes,

“This book is Nottingham’s masterpiece: a wonderful distillation of his decades spent immersed in the science, art and craft of education. The style is scintillating; a masterful blend of sharp anecdote, well-marshalled research evidence, and practical classroom implications which leaves the reader amused, inspired, challenged and engaged. I have no doubt that teachers who put just a fraction of the ideas contained in this work into classroom practice will add immense value to their students’ learning, and bring about a great sense of vocational satisfaction”.

Prof Barry J Hymer, Emeritus Professor of Psychology in Education & Author of Chess Improvement

PD Opportunities

If you would like me to work with your team next year, then get in touch as soon as you can. Past experience tells me that when one of my books is launched, there is an uptick in consultancy requests. I am of course delighted when this happened, but it puts pressure on my diary (perhaps the nicest problem to have after such troubling pandemic years)

The best consultancy is onsite. Getting into classrooms to lead demo lessons, working alongside staff in workshops, or keynoting conferences always generate energy and focus. Online consultancy is almost as good these days though, with added flexibility in terms of finance and scheduling. Options include webinars (for example, a 45-90min online event diving deeply into one of the topics in this new book), or staff coaching, Q&A sessions, and even half and full-day workshops (with lots of interaction to maintain focus and impact).

If you’d like to work with me, then please email my PA, Sarah Unwin

For more information about the services I can offer, I invite you to visit these webpages:


Book Summary

Chapter 1

When You Adjust Your TEACHING, It Transforms Students’ LEARNING

As a teacher, the way you think, and the decisions you make, lead to the biggest difference in your students’ learning. This chapter shares some criteria you could use to help make those decisions wisely.

Chapter 2

When You ENGAGE Your Students, Their Learning Gains PURPOSE

Student engagement has always been a concern, perhaps even more so now. How do you recognize it when you see it though, and perhaps more importantly, how do you improve it so that all students are ready to learn? The chapter also includes ways to use questioning and dialogue as ways to boost participation.

Chapter 3

When CHALLENGE Is Just Right, Students’ Abilities IMPROVE

Learning begins when students go beyond their current abilities. Unfortunately, many students actively avoid taking on challenges for fear of failure or ridicule. This chapter shows how to make levels of challenge ‘just right’ so that students more willingly step out of their comfort zone. It also includes Learning Pit approaches.

Chapter 4

When FEEEBDACK Is Used Brilliantly, It Adds Significant VALUE

Feedback is already one of the most powerful effects on student learning, so why write more about it? Well, firstly – its quality is so variable that one third of studies show negative effects! Secondly, too many school and faculty policies focus on how to give feedback whereas the ways in which students use it matters much more. And thirdly, timing is critical – give it too soon and you’ll stop students from learning but give it too late and it will rarely be used. This chapter shows how to put all this right – and more.

Chapter 5


Every single student is capable of growing and improving. They won’t all achieve top grades, but they can all make excellent progress – so long as our expectations are high, and we teach them with this prediction in mind. What does that mean for classroom practice and interactions? This chapter explains all!

Chapter 6

When There is EQUITY, There is FAIRNESS

Digging ever deeper into the meta-analyses I used to create this book, I noticed how time and again, the outcomes for every strategy I recommend is even more impressive for at-risk students. They work for everyone – I wouldn’t have shared them if they didn’t – but they are even more effective in creating equity in the classroom This chapters tells you how – and why.


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