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Support for Professional Learning

A champion is an advocate for the work of the CLP and will effectively act as a bridge between leadership (the vision) and the staff (action learning). Along the way they will learn new skills in observing learning, leading professional dialogues and supporting colleagues in trying new ideas!
Champions will be encouraged to take risks and try something different, and to encourage others to try new approaches too. Using the lesson plans on this Hub, and the action learning cycle, your champions will be encouraged to explore beyond their current reality: learning should be a positive challenge for adults too.
This site will be updated regularly with tools and resources for your Champions to use to observe learning, either in classrooms or remotely. We will provide tools and suggestions to support this and provide structured action learning for their role. This page will be updated regularly for them between workshops.

Impact Data Collection

Tools will be placed here that your Champions can use to observe learning and find out how the work you and your staff are undertaking is impacting on your children’s learning-behaviours.

Using the Impact Data tools will allow you to chart your school’s learning journey.

Download Class Observation Tool

Supporting Professional Learning

Your champions will be able to download slide presentations to share with your staff. Your champions could lead a department or staff workshop to show them how to use this Learning Hub and support the schools’ vision for learning. You can even share the slides remotely with staff  and encourage them to try a lesson plan.

Download Slides

Stronger Learning for Stronger Lives

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Stronger Learning for Stronger Lives