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Leading the process, building momentum

Key to successfully building a culture for learning is to constantly and consistently articulate your vision. The purpose of this Hub is to support and model the language and practices of your schools aims.
Leading a process of change can be challenging, as we try to empower staff to shift their practice and routines. As a school leader, bringing clarity and certainty during this time means keeping an unwavering focus on learning, both for your students and your staff.
On this page we will place the templates that support your leadership work throughout the CLP. We also offer formal and informal conversations in-between visits to your school, to discuss action plans, data, the role of champions and to plan staff learning opportunities.

Ensuring impactful learning

We will provide guidance on how to use the data collected by your champions and teachers to evaluate the impact of action learning across your learning community.

On this hub there are lesson plans that encourage teachers to develop their teaching, and data collection tools to encourage you and your champions to look for evidence of progress. As a leadership team, you will look to analyse these patterns of practice to evaluate the impact of teaching on learning.

In this area we will share tools and strategies that help you to achieve this, such as the Challenging Learning “Data Analysis Protocol”. The aim of any data collection should be to build capacity within the organisation to analyse progress, and make informed decisions about what to do next.

Stronger Learning for Stronger Lives

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Stronger Learning for Stronger Lives