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Lesson Plans

Learning Resources that Challenge and Engage

This Learning Hub provides a platform to help you better communicate your school’s project aims and provide you with ideas, tools and resources to engage staff, students and parents in the process.
On this page you will find lesson plans and supporting resources that you can use with your students either in classrooms or remotely. You will find the lesson ideas under the tabs below [You can have 2 tabs, so that you can organise resources by Key Stage, department or topic].
The site will be updated throughout the project. We will add new lesson resources regularly, as preview or follow-up to CLP workshops, ensuring that each resource helps you work towards your vision … so do keep checking back, as we will be adding more ideas and further resources!

Theory and Reflection: Supporting Action Learning

The models and questions we use on this page will be connected to the workshops in the CLP; we will preview learning and provide follow-up actions. This forms part of your staff’s action learning, so in addition to the workshops, the ideas can be used as the focus for staff meetings, department meetings and PLC’s. The models, questions and reflections also support self-study from the Challenging Learning workbooks.
Some example text your teachers will see:

The Learning Pit is one of the models we use to describe the process of learning through challenge. Here, we provide a summary of this key model in the CLP. Throughout the process, we will update this section with the model that will best support where you are in your learning journey.

Learning happens when you step out of your comfort zone. And yet, many of your students will be reluctant to take this step for fear of making mistakes.

The Learning Pit works on the principle that learning is a positive struggle, and deliberately embraces confusion and frustration. Its’ purpose is to reassure, not scare, so that when your learners find themselves floundering, they can take comfort from knowing that it is a normal part of the learning process.

The Learning Pit model is there to help your students reflect on their learning: take risks, ask questions, try something new, and deepen their understanding.

Tips for introducing the Learning Pit to your students:

  • Study the images of the Learning Pit and explain to your students what the model means.
  • Ask your students what it is like when they learn something new in school:
    • Can you think of a time when you had to struggle? 
    • What did you do to persevere? 
    • What made you struggle in your example? 
    • What did you do to work through the difficulty? 
    • What is the most useful thing you learnt from the struggle?
The theory and reflection we share on this page will connect to your vision and be based on ideas and theory presented in one of the CLP workbooks:

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