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Trading as Challenging Learning &
The Learning Pit

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James welcomes invitations from anywhere in the world (for face-to-face as well as online consultancy). If you live in Australia/NZ, the USA, Japan or Scandinavia, then follow the links below for additional information. Otherwise, please contact his PA, Sarah Unwin, in the UK.


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Company & Legal Registrations

James Nottingham is the owner of these educational companies:

Learning Pit Ltd

Registered in England & Wales
Company number 12142540
VAT Registration: 335 9801 82

Challenging Learning Ltd (UK)
Company number 05204659

Challenging Learning Pty Ltd (Australia)
ABN: 96 611 163 869

Challenging Learning AS (Norway)
Organisasjonsnr: 999 183 824

“Attending the Pit Podcasts has reminded me of why I got into teaching in the first place and has inspired new ways that I can engage with my students.” (Nancy Shi, WA, USA)
Nothing short of an AMAZING speaker. Time flew by! Although it was in English, the language was never a problem! / Intet mindre end FANTASTISK oplægsholder. Tiden fløj af sted! Selvom dagen foregik på engelsk, blev sproget aldrig på noget tidspunkt et problem!” (Lars Nielsen, Denmark)
“I came to the congress because of James Nottingham and wow, I was blown away. I enjoyed his presentations so much! I shared what I had learned with my secondary school colleagues. They were so enthusiastic that they kept discussing for an hour after the meeting about how to implement this into their classes.” (Monica Blankestijn, Netherlands)
“I feel re-energized with new tools and mindset to lead my team in the fall!” (Monica Freeman, Canada)
“James Nottingham is an extremely well prepared, interesting and charismatic presenter.” (Sara Brun, Sweden)
“It’s always so great to hear such intelligent, well-spoken and interesting presenters.” (Anders Sørensen, Norway)
“I just want to thank you for lifting me back to – I love my job – Thank you for a couple of fantastic hours in Århus today. I have been a Little “tired” lately – now I am back on track :)”  (Birgit Hansen, Denmark)
“Entertaining speaker who was easy to understand. The conference very much exceeded my expectations. / Underholdende oplægsholder der talte et letforståeligt engelsk – konferenceudbyttet overgik meget mine forventninger. (Benedikte Brostrøm, Denmark)
“Great speaker who managed to keep the energy high all day! / Fantastisk foredragsholder som formår at holde gang i energien hele dagen!” (Lone Hardorf, Denmark)
“It was a very practical, inspiring lecture by James Nottingham. I wish more people in our profession could hear him.” (Alexandra Sundelin. Sweden)
“Carmen and James are people who clearly “get it” and they are exactly the type of teacher I would want the children in my neighbourhood to have!” (Kerry Boland, Australia)
“A super inspiring and amazing speaker. / Alt i alt super inspirerende og fantastisk foredragsholder.(Susanne Andresen, Denmark)
“I absolutely loved the opportunity to learn from James and the team from my lounge at home :)  I particularly enjoyed the pit podcasts about feedback and was able to incorporate this learning immediately into the online learning I was doing with my students whilst in lockdown.” (Nat Burrows, New Zealand)

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Consultant, Author, Keynote Speaker

This site represents two tradenames:


This trademark is held by James Nottingham (reg. No. 6.381.157) Uses of the Learning Pit for educational and not-for-profit purposes are usually permitted when seeking permission via this site.


This is the name of the group of companies founded by James Nottingham (full details shown on the Contact Us page). It is also the name of his first book.

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