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Perth, Australia

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Oct 2022




In Person

Leading A Learning Culture with James Nottingham

21 October 2022

Developing the leadership, collaboration and visioning skills of all staff is vital for building capacity and achieving a learning culture that impacts learning.   When leaders amplify healthy mental models, and design out the problematic ones, then everyone – staff, students and community – gain significantly. The problem is, those mental models often lie hidden from everyday view and can be resistant to change even when they are uncovered.
In this full day workshop, James Nottingham – a former school leader and now owner & director of six companies – will share the best strategies he has discovered for creating a culture of learning through the wise reshaping of mental models. He will pay particular attention to common mental models about challenge, progress and grades, behaviour, and collective efficacy.
Delegates will:
  • Explore how to align students and colleagues towards agreed goals
  • Understand how mental models drive actions and how mindsets impact on expectations
  • Adjust mental models about challenge and mistakes so that staff and students develop resilience, curiosity and a growth mindset
  • Move from a performance focus to a learning orientation (an emphasis on progress rather than grades) so as to enhance collective efficacy