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Dec 2022



Video Access – Learning Without Limits: Prof Jo Boaler & James Nottingham

Online Event with Jo Boaler & James Nottingham

This live event took place on September 25th 2020. Purchase will provide you with full access to the recorded event and presentation slides by Prof Jo Boaler and James Nottingham.

Keynote by Jo Boaler

Recent years have seen an explosion of scientific evidence, from neuroscience, and education showing that there is a different way to teach and learn, available to us all. When people take a limitless approach to learning – in content areas and in life – different pathways open up to them, leading to higher, more equitable and more enjoyable achievement. Mindset messages are important, but they do not take root unless they are accompanied by a different approach to content and life. In this keynote we will consider what a limitless approach is, and the ways it is freeing for people. We will watch videos of students, see content differently and think together about ways to create equitable and engaging learning experiences that are limitless.

Leading Learning & Connections by James Nottingham

When adults amplify healthy mental models, and design out the problematic ones, then students gain significantly. However, mental models often lie hidden from everyday view and can be resistant to change even when they are uncovered. Thus, the sessions led by James Nottingham will connect to Professor Boaler’s keynote by drawing out the mental models underlying her work and identifying the steps that teachers and administrators could take to ensure successful change management.

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