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Home Learning Connections

Feedback and photos from the users of Home Learning Activities

At Challenging Learning, we recognize and appreciate the important role that parents play in developing confident, resilient, and motivated learners.  When learning continues after the final school bell of the day or year rings, we know that children benefit greatly.  In order to support this continued learning we have developed Home Learning Activities, and Picture Book Activities that are intentionally crafted to encourage dialogue, inquiry, and questioning as children and families explore concepts.  Home learning can and should include opportunities for students to explore concepts in a way that is engaging, open-ended, and enjoyable.
Our goal is to provide resources that encourage learners to embrace challenge, ask questions, engage in dialogue, and build self-efficacy.  We also emphasize the importance of specific and timely feedback to support learning.
It is through the feedback of our product users that we will  improve our resources.  We appreciate any feedback you are willing to share- statements about what worked well, your favorite activities, struggles that you encountered, questions you have, etc…  We also welcome any pictures of your child engaged in the activities.
If you are willing to share your feedback with us, please click on the button below.  If you are willing to have your feedback shared on our website and in our upcoming book, please include a signed copy of this form (insert link).
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Tell us about your experience with the Home Learning Activities

We have really enjoyed the dinner table conversations. Everyone participates and we have so much fun!

Sally SmithMother of 3 elementary children

Show us your experiences with the Home Learning Activities

Planting activity from Week 2- TIME

Rock painting activity from Week 3- CHOICE

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