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Keynote Sample, International Conference

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“James Nottingham has developed a rare skill for blending arresting anecdotes, hard-edged research and practical advice into a truly compelling narrative.”


Features of keynote speeches by
James Nottingham

  • Insights into the most up-to-date and compelling research
  • Practical examples drawns from his work internationally
  • Narratives that evoke purpose, passion and clarity
  • A warmth and wit that endear him to even the most work-weary staff
  • Provocations as well as encouragements

The comments made by delegates afterwards include:

  • Finally! Someone who knows teaching inside out and yet also has amazing insights in research.
  • I have learnt more from that keynote than I did throughout my entire teacher training course!
  • He describes exactly what kind of teacher I want to be – and more importantly, he’s shown me what to do to get there.
  • More than 30 years in teaching and I thought there was nothing left to learn – until now. Bring on the new school year – I can’t wait! I’m going to be such a better teacher after this.
  • Every classroom should have a James Nottingham in it. Every single student would flourish!

Your keynote was perfect! Feedback from delegates identified your inspirational and thought-provoking keynote as the highlight of the day. I am sure the impact will be felt across our schools for years to come.”

Karen Fitzpatrick, Superintendent, USA

“James has deep knowledge of schooling and a great sense of humour, but most importantly there is seeming no challenge he is not prepared to undertake to make a difference to the learning lives of children.

Professor John Hattie

All Keynotes Include

  • A presentation designed to match your context (He does not have the standard presentations or formulated programs and packages).
  • A preview video recorded specifically for your delegates ahead of time to give them a sense of the main messages they will hear.
  • Pre-reading recommendations (we can also arrange bulk buy discounts if you wish to provide copies of one of his books for your delegates).
  • A PDF copy of all the slides created by James for your event’s keynote.
  • Access to the Learning Pit graphics that can be downloaded for free with the use of a delegate code.

Bonus Options

  • Online access to a library of videos recorded by James to support ongoing professional learning (a highly regarded resource for PLCs and new-staff inductions).
  • Longer-term support for your team. Choices include online Q&A and implementation consultations (typically held a few working weeks after the keynote); mid-term visits for James to recommend next steps and/or demonstrate some of the strategies working with your students; and staff or leader coaching.

Keynote speech from James Nottingham

  • 60 – 120 minutes; optimum is 75 – 90; A 15 minute Q & A can be included
  • Suitable for ALL staff – teachers, leaders, support staff, administrators – working with/for students aged 3-19 in mainstream, special ed, and alternative provision
  • No limit to numbers (his biggest audiences so far were 4000 delegates at the Visible Learning Conference in San Francisco and Chicago and 2600 leaders at the Swedish skolriksdag).
  • James Nottingham’s keynote speeches inspire, encourage, and challenge. He weaves compelling narratives, gentle good humour, and expert recommendations that will stay with you long after the event is over

PD Days, Half-days, Twilights

  • Half day (up to 3 hours of presenting), full day (up to 5.5 hours of presenting), or twilight (1.5 – 2 hours of presenting)
  • Can be commissioned as one-off events or booked as a series to allow for action learning and online Q&A in between
  • Frequent turn-and-talk opportunities are built into every design. Staff are encouraged to question and challenge, with our consultant adjusting their presentation in response (no scripts here!) Participants always remark on how focused they were throughout the whole session, so adept are our team at creating the optimum focus and pace

Demonstration lessons

  • Give any of our consultants, including James, any class, any age (3+) and they will demonstrate how to get your students into – and out of – the Learning Pit
  • All observers will witness the questioning strategies, thinking moves, problem-solving techniques, and growth mindset approaches we recommend
  • Each demo should be preceded by a 15mins preview and followed up straight away or during an after-school event to which all staff are invited. You may also record the demo lessons for within-school use if you wish

Areas of Expertise

We design professional learning that is matched as closely as possible to context and aims. We do NOT offer pre-determined, externally imposed programs.

Our most popular topics include:

  • Challenge
  • Classroom talk / dialogic teaching
  • Efficacy (self & collective)
  • Feedback & assessment
  • Growth mindset
  • Philosophy for Children (P4C)
  • Questioning
  • The Learning Pit

When you invite us to work with your team, we will send you a full description of our areas of expertise so that you can highlight the terms that are most relevant to your professional learning aims. From your notes, we will design an early draft of the ways in which can support you. Following that, we will finesse the messages (together with you) to match the outcomes as sensitively and accurately as possible to your setting.

Discover more about our areas of expertise here


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