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John Hattie Interviews

Interviews with Professor John Hattie

From 2014-2019, our company held the exclusive licence to run Visible Learning in Scandinavia. This was based on John Hattie’s extensive research on what works best in schools to improve learning. Here are some of the twenty interviews we recorded with Professor Hattie during that time.

HATTIE: How Can Parents Best Help Their Child’s Education?
HATTIE: How Effective Are Teachers?
HATTIE: Impact of Feedback
HATTIE: The Impact of Dialogue
HATTIE: The Politics of Distraction
HATTIE: Why Doesn’t Class Size Matter?
HATTIE: Is VL All About Data?
HATTIE: How Reliable is the VL Data?
HATTIE: How to Scale Up Success
HATTIE: Low Impact Factors
HATTIE: Professional Pride
HATTIE: Professional Trust
HATTIE: Quick Wins to Improve Learning
HATTIE: Raising the Profile of Teaching
HATTIE: Visible Learning Main Messages
NOTTINGHAM: John Hattie says, “Class Size Does Not Matter!”

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