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Professional Development - On Demand


Professional Development On Demand

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Once upon a time, our team created videos to highlight forthcoming events or to record interviews with the researchers we were working alongside. These days, our offer has expanded considerably, providing in-depth and key point summaries to place at the heart of professional learning.

WE NOW TAKE COMMISSIONS FOR VIDEOS TAILORED TO YOUR TEAM AND THEIR CONTEXT. For example, tips for engaging students in your high school; best practices for questioning with early years and primary school children; or ensuring your students use feedback wisely. Indeed, we can create videos for you on any of the topics shown on our PL Themes page.

Some of the most popular reasons to commission a video include:

Key Points Summary
Following onsite PD with James Nottingham, we can record a summary of the key points covered. Current staff can then use this as a refresher, and new staff can view it as part of their induction process.

We love working onsite. Getting into classrooms to run demo lessons, giving keynote speeches, or building a rapport with staff during workshops and coaching sessions are our favourite ways to build staff expertise. However, sometimes the economics of travel or the restrictions created by scheduling (or pandemics!) get in the way. In these cases, our commissioned videos provide the next best option – so drop us a message and let’s see what we can work out for you!.

Flipped Learning
A video of key points is shared before onsite PD takes place. This approach is well research when it comes to students (48 meta-analyses covering 2,492 studies – see Visible Learning for more), showing a potential to considerably accelerate learning. These same significant results can also be applied to staff professional learning.

Why should PD take place at set times? Sometimes it’s better to take the ‘Netflix’ approach to professional learning by engaging at times (and in places) that fit around staff lives. Although our team is always ready to get up in the middle of the night to provide webinars to suit any time zone, our videos go one step better in providing the ultimate flexibility.


Most of the videos we create are commissioned for a particular context and purpose. Here, though, are some samples to give you an idea of what we could create for you.

PL Themes: Depth of Learning

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James Nottingham offers expertise in a broad range of topics supporting teaching and learning. This video is an example of the ‘explainer clips’ shared on the PL Themes page.

The Use & Misuse of Learning Styles

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The New York City Dept. of Education commissioned a series of 12 videos to support their teachers’ development of accelerated learning across NY State. This is an example of one of those.

Odd One Out

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From 2017-2022, we supported the fabulous staff at Brechin High School in Scotland. As part of the process, we recorded videos to help with inducting new staff – including this one recommending the use of the Odd One Out strategy.

TEACH Brilliantly: Effect Sizes

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Accompanying James’s new book, TEACH Brilliantly, we have recorded 13 videos to summarise key points and offer extra examples. This is the first in that series, exploring how effect sizes can be used to support pedagogical decision making.

Video Classics

These might not have aged as well as hoped (witness James talking about the ‘World Wide Web’ in the TV documentary) but perhaps there’s life left in the old dogs yet …

Labels Limit Learning (filmed by TEDx)

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James Nottingham’s TEDx presentation recorded in Norrköping, Sweden in 2012 (the same location for John Hattie’s and Carol Dweck’s presentations).

Middle School Lesson (filmed by the BBC)

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This TV documentary features a very young James Nottingham as he uses Philosophy for Children (P4C) with his Year 5 students in a school near Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

Kindergarten Demonstration

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A clip from James’s early work with kindergartens (2010). It shows him guiding 3 & 4-year-olds into the Learning Pit by asking questions that stimulate cognitive dissonance.

High School Demonstration Lesson

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The beginning of a demo lesson with Year 10 students in an Australian school. This was the first time James had met these students. He aimed to take them into the Learning Pit.

Learning Pit Videos

As you might imagine – bearing in mind the popularity of the Learning Pit – we have a LOT of videos about James Nottingham’s model. Here are just a few of our favourites.

Animated Video: Refresh (2022)

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The best introduction to the Learning Pit for primary & middle school students. Presented by the Learning Pit creator, James Nottingham

Animated Video: Original (2016)

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Inspired by the RSAnimate series, this was our first go at creating an animated illustration of the Learning Pit. It was all hand-drawn back then, unlike the AI versions available today!

Stuck in the Learning Pit (by 6-year-old Grace)

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Our team has supported hundreds of schools in the development of growth mindset. When working with Highweek Primary (see video below), one of their pupils in Year 1 presented us with this gift.

TEACH Brilliantly: The Learning Pit

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Although James has written more in-depth guides to the Learning Pit, the summary in his latest book, TEACH Brilliantly, together with this accompanying video is a great place to start.

Interviews with Professor Carol Dweck

James Nottingham has co-presented with Carol Dweck (Stanford professor of psychology and author of Mindset) on more than 30 occasions. Most of these videos were filmed during their first tour together in 2010.

DWECK: Should We Praise Children?

DWECK: Two Stars and a Wish

DWECK: Does Competition Motivate Children?

DWECK: Should We Hold High Expectations?

DWECK: Must, Should, Could.

DWECK: Was I Born a Genius?

Carol Dweck and James Nottingham In Conversation, 2017

Highlights of Impact

James Nottingham and his Learning Pit team have provided long-term support for schools, preschools and school districts since 2006. In that time, we have helped hundreds of organisations improve learning outcomes for their staff and students. Here are highlights from some of those projects.

EFFECTIVE TEACHING at Gustav Vasa School, Stockholm, SE

GROWTH MINDSET at Highweek School, Devon, UK

Learning for 1-18-year-olds, Denmark: GROWTH MINDSET

Learning for 1-18-year-olds, Denmark: LEARNING GOALS

Learning for 1-18-year-olds, Denmark: FOCUS ON PROGRESS

Learning for 1-18-year-olds, Denmark: FEEDBACK

Learning for 1-18-year-olds, Denmark: EFFECTIVE TEACHING

Interviews with Professor John Hattie

From 2014-2019, our company held the exclusive licence to run Visible Learning in Scandinavia. This was based on John Hattie’s extensive research on what works best in schools to improve learning. Here are some of the twenty interviews we recorded with Professor Hattie during that time.

HATTIE: Impact of Feedback
HATTIE: Dialogue is Surprisingly Powerful
HATTIE: Why Doesn’t Class Size Matter (as much as first thought)?
HATTIE: Quick Wins to Improve Learning
HATTIE: Collective Efficacy
HATTIE: Why are Voters Distracted by Low Impact Factors?
HATTIE: Raising the Profile of the Teaching Profession
HATTIE: How to Sale Up Success


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