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Online Consultancy

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Online consultancy can be booked from the outset or kept as a back-up plan in case of travel restrictions, giving you the confidence that professional learning can take place anytime, anywhere! Our fees for commissioned webinars and videos (with or without subtitles) are 50-70% of onsite fees.

Sample of our Webinars

  • Conversational, interactive & engaging
  • Stand-alone, part of a series or as follow-up to onsite consultancy
  • Designed for your context with flexibility for adaptation in response to questions & requests
  • Recordings & slide decks available on request

Sample of our Webinars

Sample of Commissioned Videos

  • Recorded for you in the Learning Pit studio
  • On-screen text can be in any language (you provide the translations & our team will do the rest)
  • Subtitles in any language
  • Transcripts available upon request

Sample of Commissioned Videos

Worth knowing

  • We’ve run lots of half & full-day webinars (or all-nighters for James when his audience is in Australia or NZ) as well the more usual 45-90mins sessions
  • We highly recommend having a co-presenter to connect & question as this adds a warmth & a conversational style that is always well-received
  • One of our first webinars was hacked by a Russian dancing in his undercrackers. We learned a lot about online security that day!

Further Options

Online Coaching

  • Reflect on, and refine, elements of your teaching and leading that you choose
  • One-to-one, small team, or drop-in sessions for all staff
  • Option for you to send video clips for us to review together
  • Create & review action plans, curriculum plans, faculty plans
  • Can be stand-alone or an additional feature of onsite support

Podcasts & Interviews

  • James Nottingham receives many interview & podcast requests. Here is a selection of some of the more recent recordings.

The Importance of Challenge with Learning – Jan 2020

Learning Pits and Reasons for Hope with James Nottingham

Daniel & Daniel Summer Special with James Nottingham – June 2021

James Nottingham: The Learning Pit, cognitive conflict and our primary roles as educators  – July 2021

James has deep knowledge of schooling and a great sense of humour, but most important there is seeming no challenge he is not prepared to undertake to make a difference to the learning lives of children.


How can an evening webinar be so entertaining AND practical? Simply perfect.

The webinars with James were eye-opening. I had no idea how engaging, interactive & enjoyable online learning could be. They gave me hope, joy and practical strategies by the bucket load without even needing to leave my house. Superb!

Upskilling my skills and knowledge was made so much easier by listening to an enthusiastic, experienced and extraordinarily skilled presenter who is willing to answer questions and engage with his audience.

The Pit Podcasts presented wonderful opportunities to approach learning in ways that helped reduce my students’ anxieties and boost their progress. I am a groupie for life!

Every time I meet James, he makes me think deeper about learning and teaching. What a great job he did yesterday evening in The Hague!

James Nottingham

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