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James Nottingham is a consultant, author and teacher. He has been working with schools in Norway for many years and even had employees across Scandinavia before the pandemic. Today, he works with IB and government schools around the world to help identify the adjustments that can be made to significantly improve learning for all students. He has worked closely with professors Carol Dweck (Growth Mindset) and John Hattie (Visible Learning); been a teaching assistant in a school for deaf children; taught PYP, MYP and DP; and held a range of school and district leadership positions. Of his 11 books already published, four are available in Norwegian. His twelfth book, Teach Brilliantly, covers topics including efficacy, engagement, questioning, feedback, high expectations and equity. More information about James can be found at LearningPit.org.

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James & his team have written 12 books for teachers, leaders, & parents. The books shown below are the most relevant to today’s event.

Perfect for your PLC book study
For parents and support staff
Build collaboration and reflection
Ensure feedback works every time

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