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Professional Learning with James Nottingham


Hosted by North Harrisdale Primary School

Thursday 18 April 2024

Engaging Students Through Questioning

Questioning is one of the best ways to engage students in their learning. And yet, the most common approach of responding to students’ answers to either confirm or counter has the opposite effect: it reduces engagement! There is a better way, but it can feel counter-intuitive. Which is why James will run a demonstration lesson during the morning for delegates to observe and review.

Ensuring Students Use Feedback to Boost Their Own Progress

Schools place a lot of emphasis on giving students high quality feedback and staff spend hours marking assignments. Strange then that the impact of these practices is so patchy. At its best, feedback can double – sometimes even triple – the progress students make. But, in one third of cases, feedback has a negative impact; one third of the time, it would be better if we gave no feedback at all. So, how can we separate out these differing effects? How can we ensure that students use the feedback they receive as effectively as possible? These are the questions that will be answered during the afternoon – including by a panel of staff from North Harrisdale who have been working with James’s recommendations in 2023.

Program: Thursday 18 April 2024

8.45 Registration
9.00 Welcome
9.10 Questioning that engages students more effectively
10.15 Break
10.30 Demonstration Lesson
11.15 Review of the demo lesson with Q&A
12.00 Lunch (with optional classroom visits)
13.00 Why is feedback so variable?
13.30 Key principles for effective feedback
14.30 Break
14.45 Q&A, including staff panel
15.15 Next steps
15.30 Finish

“James is a teacher’s teacher. He de-constructs the vital alchemy that exists between good teachers and their students, offering both a breadth and depth of practical knowledge that helps us all to be better at what we do.”
Brendan Spillane, Teacher, Principal and Leadership Consultant, Perth
“James shares his extensive experience, cultivating a profound understanding of effective strategies and a keen ability to translate theory into practice, mentoring our leadership team, conducting dynamic workshops, modelling lessons, and hands-on coaching of teachers in the classroom.”
Jacqui O’Donnell, Principal of North Harrisdale Primary School
“James Nottingham will help you navigate the world of educational concepts and research with a wonderful blend of clarity and good humour.”
Carol Dweck, professor of psychology & author of Mindset

Delegate fees

$500 per person*

This day is suitable for any member of staff with teaching or leadership responsibilities in K-6 primary and secondary schools. The focus will be on pedagogy that works with all students, aged 3-17 years.

*Includes refreshments, lunch, and a copy of TEACH Brilliantly

All delegates will receive a copy of James’s latest book, TEACH Brilliantly. This gives additional insights into the topics covered during the workshop, as well as lots of practical strategies ready to apply in all primary and secondary classrooms.


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