Your presenter today is James Nottingham

James Nottingham is an author-consultant and creator of the Learning Pit. He has written 11 books for teachers, leaders, and administrators. Before a long & happy career teaching and leading in elementary and high schools in the UK, he failed at both pig farming and factory work and, as a student, was expelled from two high schools. Today, he works with schools and districts to strengthen learning outcomes by leading PD sessions; running demonstration lessons; coaching staff and leaders; helping parents know how best to support their children’s learning; and collecting evidence of impact to support ongoing growth and development. As a swim dad, he is often found poolside somewhere in southern Scotland cheering on his three children.

One of his hobbies is photography. You will see his shots used in lots of his slides. Here are some others he thought you might like to see.

My 3 kids, 5 mini-sausage dogs and I love having our local, windswept beach mostly to ourselves. Puffins visit us at Easter and dolphins turn up early summer to feast on the Tweed salmon.

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James & his team have written 12 books for teachers, leaders, & parents. The books shown below are the most relevant to today’s event.

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