Classic Learning Pit™ Poster (A2)


This poster provides students and teachers with an easy way to help document students′ journey through The Learning Pit. Based on the book, The Learning Pit by James Nottingham, this poster features:

  • The four stages of The Learning Pit: Concept, Cognitive Conflict, Construct, and Consider
  • Prompts throughout the Learning Pit to encourage deep thinking
  • The A2 size allows the poster to be visible from the back of the classroom
  • For display – size print measures 42 x 60cm, 17 x 22  inches

Posters are mailed in a large tube.


Please note: This poster is currently only available in the UK.


"James Nottingham’s work on Challenging Learning is a critical element of creating Visible Learners. This new series will help teachers hone the necessary pedagogical skills of dialogue, feedback, questioning, and mindset. There’s no better resource to encourage all learners to know and maximize their impact!"

John HattieProfessor & Director, Melbourne Education Research Institute University of Melbourne