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Regions and Types of Schools


James Nottingham welcomes invitations from around the world.

As well as supporting schools, colleges, and early years settings in the UK countries, he also makes frequent visits to the following:

If your region is listed above, then please follow the link to find out more.

If not, then don’t worry – invite him anyway and see what he says! Even if logistics prevent an onsite visit, he will be able to offer you online support or could record a video for you to watch when it suits you.


Consultant, Author, Keynote Speaker

This site represents two tradenames:


This trademark is held by James Nottingham (reg. No. 6.381.157) Uses of the Learning Pit for educational and not-for-profit purposes are usually permitted when seeking permission via this site.


This is the name of the group of companies founded by James Nottingham (full details shown on the Contact Us page). It is also the name of his first book.

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