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Professional Learning in Australia and New Zealand

Keynotes, demo lessons and long-term support for schools down under

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James Nottingham makes 2-3 visits to Australia and NZ every year. He also has a colleague, George Telford based in VIC who supports schools all year round.

When James visits, he offers a combination of staff PD, conference keynotes, demonstration lessons, staff & leaders coaching, and presentations to parents. The fees for his work are shown below.

Availability for 2025

Term 1 – 2025

January 2025

20-22 Available
23 – booked in QLD
27-29 Available
30 – AM booked in NSW
30 – afternoon available to schools in Sydney
31 – booked in NSW

February 2025

3 – booked in NSW
4-7 Available



Term 2 – 2025

April 2025

21-25 Available
28, 29 – booked in NSW
30 Available

May 2025

1-13 Available
14, 15 – booked in NSW
16 Available
19, 20 – open workshops in Auckland, NZ
21-30 Available


The options we offer include:

Keynote Speeches


James is well-regarded across the region for his charismatic, thought-provoking and engaging keynote speeches.

Comments from delegates at events in Oz & NZ include:

  • Finally! Someone who knows teaching inside out and yet also has amazing insights into research.
  • I have learnt more from that keynote than I did throughout my entire teacher training course!
  • He describes exactly what kind of teacher I want to be – and more importantly, he’s shown me what to do to get there.
  • More than 30 years in teaching and I thought there was nothing left to learn – until now. Bring on the new school year – I can’t wait! I’m going to be such a better teacher after this.
  • Every classroom should have a James Nottingham in it. Every single student would flourish!

TOPICS to choose from

BIOGRAPHY – more about James

BOOKS – choose which of the 12 books James has written will suit your audience most

Sample of keynotes delivered by James:

  • ACEL (Australian Council for Educational Leaders), National Conference, 2017
  • AIS (Association of Independent Schools) National Conferences 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019
  • Better Education Conferences, WA, 2016, 2017, 2019
  • NSW Secondary Principals Conference 2016, 2017, 2019
  • NZ Principals Foundation, NZ, 2014, 2016, 2018
  • Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership, 2023
  • Waikato Principals Association, NZ, 2017, 2018, 2019

Consultancy In School


Judging by how often they invited back again and again, the support offered by James and George is extremely well-regarded. These two know schools inside out. They are as encouraging and authentic as they are aspirational and challenging.

James and George support schools in many ways, including PD Days; demonstration lessons (give them any class, any age and they will show the strategies they recommended in action with your students!); staff and leadership coaching; team teaching; curriculum planning; and learning walks (with a written report to give you the sense of where you might go next).

James visits Oz & NZ at least twice a year (normally, the beginning of Terms 1, middle of Term 2, and then sometimes the start of Term 3 as well). George lives in Gippsland, VIC and is available throughout the year.


TOPICS to choose from


“This has to be one of my favorite events in my 16 years of teaching. I honestly loved every single aspect and could have continued for days to come.”

Melissa Payne, WA

“James is extremely knowledgeable, and his previous background and own growth relays a positive message to leaders and teachers around the world”

Nick Soames, NZ

“This was an excellent learning experience. I have several new strategies and ideas that I intend to bring back to my classroom. I am excited to go back with a focus on challenge – raising expectations and building resilient learners.”

Paula Lambert, QLD

Longer-term Support

Much of the work we do with schools is part of a longer-term process, helping staff to grow in the direction of their shared vision. The two most popular approaches are a CLP (Challenging Learning Process) and a school partner.

The Challenging Learning Process (CLP) has been used over the last 10 years with 80+ schools in all 6 states of Australia, plus ACT. The process begins with a baseline visit consisting of staff and student focus groups, a learning walk around school, and a set of questions for the leadership team. This evidence forms the basis of a written report identify the strengths and opportunities of the school. Together, we then establish some aspirational, achievable goals for student outcomes and design a series of interventions to achieve this (such as whole staff / dept PD, demo lessons, guided learning walks, and coaching for process champions and leadership teams). Halfway through the 2-3-year process, a midterm report is created to check on progress and decide on any adaptations required. George and James provide all the support needed throughout the process and give priority for Staff Development Days to schools engaged in a CLP.

Our School Partner approach starts with you telling us who you would like to work with (George or James) and how much of your annual PD budget you would like to invest. We then make ourselves available as almost a peripatetic teaching & learning lead. For example, a primary school in WA has engaged in a rolling contract that includes two lots of 2-day visits, monthly coaching sessions (online) for the leadership team, termly coaching for each team, work with parents, and tailormade videos to capture the key points of each topic covered (perfect to revisiting as well as part of the induction process for new staff).

Cost Details

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All figures shown are in AUD

George Telford’s professional fees are 3800 + GST per day.

James Nottingham’s professional fees are 12,000 + GST for a keynote; 10,000 + GST for in-school work; and when available, 6000 + GST for a half day in school.

Multiple Days: 20% reduction on professional fees when booking two or more consecutive days (does not need to be for the same organisation or venue – so phone a friend and put on a roadshow!)

Longer-term work: 25-35% reduction per day, pro rata.

Expenses: We ask you to cover George’s expenses at cost price (we will quote beforehand). For James, we ask for a 1500 + GST contribution for every day or part day booked. This will go towards his international airfares as well as local travel and accommodation.

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