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Webinars giving an introduction to the Learning Pit topics of dialogue, feedback, growth mindset, the Learning Pit, collective and self-efficacy, and questioning.

Series One and Two of the Pit Podcasts was broadcast between April and September 2020. Subscribers and staff involved in a long term Learning Pit Process (LLP) can access the recordings by following the links below.

Pit Podcast Episodes

Series 1

  1. Using the ASK Model to develop Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge (16 & 20 April)
  2. The power of mistakes and failure in the learning process (23 & 23 April)
  3. Improving the feedback process to ensure it extends and deepens learning (29 & 30 April)
  4. Using the SOLO taxonomy to write better Learning Intentions & Success Criteria (6 & 7 May)
  5. On a journey through the Learning Pit® (13 & 14 May)
  6. Why growth mindset is not working (yet) and what you can do about it (20 & 21 May)
  7. Developing questioning to deepen learning (27 & 28 May)
  8. Dialogue strategies to deepen learning (3 & 4 June)
  9. What is efficacy (collective and self) and why does it matter? (10 & 11 June)

Series 2

  1. Concepts & Conflicts – how to use the Learning Pit across the curriculum (10 & 12 Sept)
  2. Data demands judgement – how effect sizes help and how they hinder decision-making (24 Sept)
  3. Philosophy for Children and the Learning Pit – where do these two meet? (8 Oct)

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Open Access Recordings

Boosting Self Efficacy with James Nottingham

Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning

ABC Australia & James Nottingham – What Is Education?


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