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Our videos began life as a nice little added extra. Now, they are a significant part of our offer. We’ve even built a green screen studio at our head office in Northumberland (UK) so that any time James Nottingham isn’t on the road, he can call by to record some new material.


The video options we offer include:

Commissioned Videos

Choose the topic(s), the length, and the purpose and we’ll create something that you can use to improve learning outcomes with your team now and share with new recruits as they join your team. We can add subtitles in any language (we’ll send you a transcript in English so that you can provide the translations) – plus graphics in any language. Your choice. Your team. Your schedule. View Now 

Flipped PD

1500 studies and 28 meta-analyses show that Flipped Classrooms have the potential to significantly accelerate student learning. The strategy generally involves students watching videos before lessons so that they are in a better position to engage, question, understand, and connect. The same can be said for professional learning, which is why we offer this additional service for all our one-day and long-term projects. View Now


As a team, we provide a bridge between research and practice. Working closely with well-known researchers, we create the best methods for transferring evidence-led recommendations into timesaving, outcome-improving strategies. As part of this, we record interviews with these professors of education so that staff in our partner schools can hear their messages directly. View Now

Highlights of Impact

Independent evaluations of our work show effects including students being more willing to take intellectual risks, ask thoughtful questions, and engage in challenging tasks; dialogue being used more effectively to support students as they progress from surface knowledge to deep learning; and greater emphasis on progress for all so that there is a palpable sense of self and collective efficacy. From time to time, we record videos to share some of these highlights. View Now

If you would like more information about any of the options above or would like to commission a video for your team’s PD, then you are welcome to contact our Queen of Videos, Sarah Unwin.

Video Spotlight

Our most popular videos. There are some oldies in here, but they’re still goodies!

James Nottingham’s TEDx presentation from 2012
BBC Documentary (1999)
Played at hundreds of conferences, 6-year-old Grace sings about the Learning Pit

All about the Learning Pit

Perfect introductions to the Learning Pit for 1) students 2) teachers 3) parents

A Teachers’ Guide to the Learning Pit: English
A Parent & Carers’ Guide to the Learning Pit: English
The Original Learning Pit Animation, now viewed 250K+ times

Commissioned Videos (samples)

Examples of our commission videos: two recorded for NYC Department of Education; and two for our partner schools in Japan (with Japanese graphics & subtitles)

Boosting Depth As Well As Breadth in Learning
The Use & Misuse of Learning Styles

Flipped PD

We have a full suite of videos that we share with staff engaged in longer-term projects with us. We also share a small selection with people about to engage in PD events with us. Here are a few examples.

Why Isn’t Growth Mindset Working … Yet?
The Seven Steps to Feedback

Interviews with Professor Carol Dweck

James Nottingham has co-presented with Carol Dweck (professor of psychology and author of Mindset) on more than 30 occasions. Most of these videos were filmed during their tour of the Nordic countries in 2010.

DWECK: Should We Praise Children?
DWECK: Two stars and a Wish
DWECK: Does Competition Motivate Children?
DWECK: Should we have high expectations?
DWECK: Must, Should, Could.
DWECK: Was I Born a Genius?
Carol Dweck and James Nottingham In Conversation, 2017

Highlights of Impact

The first two videos reflect on long-term projects we ran with schools in England and Sweden; the other five share the outcomes of a four-year project we ran with every pre-school, school, and college in Skanderborg, Denmark.

Learning Outcomes at Gustav Vasaskolan in Stockholm
(In Swedish with English subtitles)
Learning Outcomes at Highweek Primary School in Devon, England
Developing a Growth Mindset
(In Danish with English subtitles)
Developing the Use of Learning Goals
(In Danish with English subtitles)
Focusing on Growth & Progress
(In Danish with English subtitles)
Improving the Outcomes of Feedback
(In Danish with English subtitles)
Understanding the Impact of Teaching
(In Danish with English subtitles)

Interviews with Professor John Hattie

From 2014-2019, our company held the exclusive licence to run Visible Learning in Scandinavia. This was based on John Hattie’s extensive research on what works best in schools to improve learning. Here are some of the twenty interviews we recorded with Professor Hattie during that time.

HATTIE: How Can Parents Best Help Their Child’s Education?
HATTIE: How Effective Are Teachers?
HATTIE: Impact of Feedback
HATTIE: The Impact of Dialogue
HATTIE: The Politics of Distraction
HATTIE: Why Doesn’t Class Size Matter?

Regional Contacts

Head Office (UK)
T: +44 1670 330036

T: +44 1670 330036

Clare Barnfather
T: +81 90 6434 1256

Head Office Address

Challenging Learning,
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Alnwick, Northumberland,
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The Learning Pit is part of the Challenging Learning group with offices in the UK, Australia, Japan, Scandinavia, USA

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