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The Learning Pit™ Store

Perfect resources to support your use of the Learning Pit, including books and wipeable posters created by James Nottingham and his team.

The Learning Pit™ is one of the most popular ways to encourage learners to step out of their comfort zone. It was created by James Nottingham in 2007. Use of the model helps to build confidence, resilience, and a growth mindset.

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The Learning Pit Books

The Learning Pit (2020)

We are delighted to share James Nottingham’s 10th book – the Learning Pit – on this page, together with wipeable posters to support your students’ journey through the Learning Pit. This is his most concise and up-to-date book, making it the very best guide to understanding and using the Learning Pit. Available only through this store!

The Learning Challenge (2017)

This book gives a much more in-depth guide to creating lessons centred around the Learning Pit. It includes ways to create a thinking culture; how to identify important concepts; how to guide your students into and out of the Learning Pit; and ways to improve metacognition with the help of the Learning Pit. Available from all good bookshops!

Nottingham's Learning Pit is a seminal piece and should be considered mandatory reading for every educator.

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