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Our Team

Our team can help you to build a robust and inspirational culture of learning for all students.

Our areas of expertise include excellence, empathy, collective & self-efficacy, feedback, questioning, leadership, growth mindset, P4C and of course, the Learning Pit.

We have offices in Australia, Japan, Sweden, the UK and the USA.

“The Learning Pit team will help you navigate the world of educational concepts and research with a wonderful blend of clarity and good humour.”


The Learning Pit Team

Our full-time staff offer PD days, demo lessons, coaching, and longer-term support

Managing Director

Dr Carmen Bergmann

Contact her if...

- You are in the USA, Canada or Latin America
- You'd like us to work with your leadership team
- You'd like advice about funding for longer-term projects with our team

Call: +1 309 245 6885 (UTC-6)

Before joining our team, Carmen was an assistant superintendent, teacher, principle, and director of elementary education in Illinois, USA.

Call: +1 309 245 6885 (UTC-6)

General Manager for Oceania & SE Asia

Emma Robertson

Contact her if...

- You are in Australia, NZ or SE Asia

Call: +61 457 632 398 (UTC+10)

Emma brings extensive experience of business transformation and change management to her role. She is project manager for many of our long-term partners in Australia & New Zealand.

Call: +61 457 632 398 (UTC+10)

Position: Company Director, UK

James Nottingham

Email his PA:
Call: +44 1760 330036 (Office)

Contact his PA, Sarah Unwin


Call: +44 1760 330036 (UK Office)

Director of Engagement & Communications

Sabina Bhugun

Contact her if...

- You are in Europe or Africa
- You would like to engage in online or asynchronous learning opportunities
- You have any finance, HR or legal questions (including our Trademark)

Call: +44 1670 330036 (UTC)

Before joining our team, Sab held senior roles in social media management, creative writing, mobile app and website development

Call: +44 1670 330036 (UTC)

Position: Learning Pit Consultant, Japan

Clare Barnfather

Contact her if...
- You are in Japan or SE Asia

Call: +81 90 6434 1256 (UTC+9)

Call: +81 90 6434 1256 (UTC+9)
Position: Senior Consultant, Australia

George Telford

Contact him if...

- You'd like us to work with your leadership team in Oceania or SE Asia

Creative Media & Events Manager

Sarah Unwin

Contact her if...

- You want to book James Nottingham
- You'd like to commission a set of videos to support your in-house PD
- You'd like to talk about a study tour to any one of 15 countries

Call: +44 1670 330036 (UTC)

Since joining our company in 2015, Sarah has organised conferences across Europe; hosted study tours; and accompanied Professor Carol Dweck on numerous growth mindset tours!

Call: +44 1670 330036 (UTC)

Position: Company Director, UK

Jill Nottingham

Contact her if...

- You work with EY / young children (aged 0-7)

Call: +44 1670 330 036 (UK Office)

Our Associates

In addition to our full-time staff, we also work closely with trusted associates, all of whom have a deep understanding of our values & approaches to pedagogy. Indeed, many of them used to be full-time members of staff.

Contact information coming soon…

Our Values


Challenging Learning Ltd (UK) is owned by James Nottingham, Jill Nottingham, and Silver Fern Holdings Ltd, Tokyo.

Legal Representatives

Ben Healey, Partner Solicitor

15 Parsons Court
Aycliffe Business Park
County Durham

Ricki Boye, Partner

Bredgade 3
DK-1260 København K

Financial Representatives

Yvonne Nyman

CLA Dallas
5001 Spring Valley Road
Dallas, TX 75244-3964

Regional Contacts

Head Office (UK)
T: +44 1670 330036

Carmen Bergmann
T: +1 309 245 6885

Australia (AEST)
Emma Robertson
T: +61 457 632 398

Clare Barnfather
T: +81 90 6434 1256

Head Office Address

Challenging Learning,
2 Linnet Court,
Cawledge Business Park,
Alnwick, Northumberland,
NE66 2GD, UK

The Learning Pit is part of the Challenging Learning group with offices in the UK, Australia, Japan, Scandinavia, USA

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