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Animated Video: Refresh (2022)

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The best introduction to the Learning Pit for primary & middle school students. Presented by the Learning Pit creator, James Nottingham

Animated Video: Original (2016)

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Inspired by the RSAnimate series, this was our first go at creating an animated illustration of the Learning Pit. It was all hand-drawn back then, unlike the AI versions available today!

TEACH Brilliantly: The Learning Pit

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Although James has written more in-depth guides to the Learning Pit, the summary in his latest book, TEACH Brilliantly, together with this accompanying video is a great place to start.

A Parent’s Guide to the Learning Pit

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James often works with parents to help them understand how to support their childrens’ learning.  In this video James explains the Learning Pit to caregivers.

Stuck in the Learning Pit (by 6-year-old Grace)

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James has supported hundreds of schools in the development of growth mindset. When working with Highweek Primary, one of their pupils in Year 1 presented us with this gift.


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