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Video Editing & In-School Filming
Request for quotes


I have been invited to tender for a contract to provide a set of videos for teachers to use as part of the professional development. The procurement team require accurate costs for each type of video described below. They expect my submission by Monday (20 Nov).

I have already priced for style one (in-house production). This includes Pieces to Camera (PTC), edited by our in-house team. Pros – clarity of message, lower production costs, fewer work schedules to consider; Cons – less polished, limited options for cutaways (for example, won’t include footage from classrooms).

I was given the green light late last night to proceed to submission, but the deadline is very tight. The procurement team needs to know the costs of:

Professional edit
I would record short presentations to camera at a local studio. I’d then send the footage to your team so that you can provide a professional edit. Series one would include four videos of this style, each of 3-5 minutes in length. Examples of our in-house edited videos are shown below. Your edits would need to feel more professional than these!

Record PTC in your studio plus a professional edit
If you have your own studios then I would like to know the cost of me spending a day with you in your offices recording the footage that you will then edit into four videos, each of 3-5 minutes.

Filming in a school
I need to know how much it would cost to record a day of in-classroom footage. It would involve me working with students and you capturing the teaching techniques I am using as well as the students’ responses. I am aiming to record in an English-speaking international school, probably in the Netherlands (their English is outstanding with very little accent – the style requested by the client). For this option, I would like you to send all the raw footage to me.

Filming in school plus editing
I also need to know how much it would cost to do all of point three plus doing the editing. These videos would be 8-12 minutes long and include classroom footage, narration by me, as well as various PTC to preview and review the concepts filmed.

Closed captions
I also need to know the cost of adding subtitles (in English) to options 2 and 4 above.

Number of videos

My submission will consist of 12 videos – 4 created in-house; 4 with a professional edit; 4 longer videos that include classroom footage.

Length of contract

This submission is for Series One. If this first series is well received, there is a very good chance that further series will be commissioned. Submission of a full, itemised quote must be on Monday. It is estimated that we will hear the decision by early December. The first half of the videos would need to be delivered by Feb/March 2024, with the whole series of 12 videos delivered in time to be launched in May 2024.

Examples of our in-house videos:


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